Cloud Services

Streamline your business operations with leading cloud infrastructure.

Unlock the potential of your business and embark on a transformational journey by embracing the cutting-edge cloud solutions offered by The Digital Room. Together with our specialised team, you can seamlessly navigate the digital landscape, enabling cost savings, scalability, and unparalleled flexibility. Take the leap towards a streamlined and agile future today – contact our expert team and empower your enterprise with the limitless possibilities of cloud technology.

What We Offer

Microsoft Office 365

Unlock the power of real-time device mobility and collaboration with the world’s most advanced multi-user office suite.

What We Offer

Microsoft Azure

Integrate, iterate and innovate with the world leading business application and service technologies of Microsoft Azure.

What We Offer

Google Cloud & Workspace

Join countless other high-performing enterprises in the cloud with the powerful productivity capabilities of Google G-Suite.

What We Offer

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Plug your business into one of the most advanced on-demand cloud infrastructure services in the world with advanced technologies.

What We Offer

Dropbox for Business

The ideal solution for any small-to-medium enterprise looking to streamline their everyday collaborative technologies.

What We Offer

Cloud Migrations

Reduce your ongoing technology costs and accelerate your enterprise success by migrating to the cloud with The Digital Room.

What We Offer

Cloud Management

Join other businesses to spread their mission-critical applications and technologies across multiple cloud solutions.